North Myrtle Beach Carpet & Tile, Inc, North Myrtle Beach Interiors, Inc or it's owner, Dave Bartlett are NOT affiliated in any way with any other store or interior designers. Please accept our apologies for any implications otherwise if you have been mislead.

North Myrtle Beach Carpet & Tile with no obvious sign, has never advertised. All of our work is by referral since 1996.


1 - We encourage you to go online, look at other stores, including our competitors.
A. By doing this, it gives you an opportunity to learn what you like and don't like.
B. Now that you know what you like, you can share that mental picture with us.

2 - We do have our own samples and we are setup on open account with most manufacturers.
Our samples include: carpet, wood, tile, natural stone, luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

North Myrtle Beach Carpet & Tile is located in a non descript warehouse with no obvious sign on the southeast (oceanside) corner of Highway 17 South and 16th Avenue South immediately behind the offices of Baldwin Construction. Entry is from 16th Avenue.

How can you do business with North Myrtle Beach Carpet & Tile

1 - Be referred by one of our qualified, established rental management companies. This only requires a call from one of their associates to let us know about you (NOTE: Some of our qualified management companies entitle you to special pricing and/or terms)

2 - Be personally introduced (by phone if necessary) by one of our clients or our customer base.

3 - Be referred by one of our aligned established trades in our network of service companies.

The money we save on showroom expenses, interior design fees and sales commissions goes to quality installation and SAVINGS TO YOU!

NOTE: If you are working with an interior designer, most likely there is a commission.

More Expensive Not Necessarily Better, Sometimes Not as Good!

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